CB Passive Income Review…er demo!

CB Passive Income Review…er demo!

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CB Passive Income Review...er  demo!

http://gistgeek.info No I have not tried this product so to be fair this video is a little presumptuous. However upon some brief examination of the CB Passive Income program available elsewhere this system seems chock-full of frustrating up-sells that only lead you to purchasing more of the system when virtually everything that is purchased can ultimately be had for no money at all…without this system. Perhaps for a newbie it can be a nice tool; but I’m a newbie and I have no intentions of trying this product. The very worst thing that I’ve learned about the CB Passive Income system is that as you are working hard building your own customer list you cannot keep what you’ve worked hard to accumulate – unless… you purchase yet another opportunity to do so. All in all I’ve read and heard enough about CB Passive Income to stop looking into it. I had been considering it for over 2 months but from what I’ve just described and what a blessing Online Profit for Dummies has proved to be (without any cost) I think I got a much better deal. Thanks for your interest! Warm regards The Geek P.S. If you are still planning on looking around for some kind of entry-level risk-free DUMMY PROOF system to try online without any fear of regret then I always have and still do recommend OPFD. Check it out here. . . . http://gistgeek.info Gisted for you by the Gist Geek. http://gistgeek.com 100% of the info at 20% of your time. GET THE GIST OF IT FROM THE GEEK . .

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